Whats new in version 02? Firstly I have transfered all the sculpted details from my old mesh to my new base mesh.

ALEYSHA v.02 - 1

I have also done some work on the textures and included the render setup you see in the preview images. Further more I have bound her to an HIK skeleton and rigged it with Mayas FBIK character rig. There is no face rig or morph targets included and some weight tweaking may be needed in some instances but the rig should be good for some basic posing. I have also rebuild the hair from version 01 with Maya hair, however there are no collide objects and dynamics set up for it. These may follow in an item update.

This version also includes the updated Ztool with the new topology and sub tools. It can be used to re-generate or alter all the maps used in this file.

All in all the great base mesh, superior ztool and maya scene makes this a solid starter kit for building your own female characters. Be it for low poly games or high poly render movies.

I have had a vast number of influences for this model (Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Patricia Ford and some others). She has a fit, toned, luscious, curvy body shape unlike the standard slim types that you see on a catwalk and of course I couldn’t help but exaggerate the proportions a little.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to write to me via my profile page.

You can also find version 01 here

ALEYSHA v.02 - 2


Item Update 06.12.2010 to v.02_1

I have updated the package with a dynamic hair system created using PhungDinhDzungs amazing hair script for Maya. There is now one new version with the new hair attached to the model (no collision detection) and a separate hair file that can be imported to another scene and attached to a model by parent constraining the “hair_surface” group to the head bone. You can turn on and off dynamic simulation for easier animation.

The Figurine

You can find the figurine here
ALEYSHA v.02 - 3

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