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This flat vector style toolkit can be the perfect business explainer or presentation for your company. May your company be a big corporate business or a small freelance shop, this video can work for a wide range of purposes. You can also use it to show off your design work or other portfolios depending on the branche you are in.

With this organized package you can create your own promo videos in no time. You will have full control over the character its appearance. You can change its hair style, skin color, clothing style and perhaps add in some additional elements such as glasses, a scarf, a mustache and so on. Further more, you can easily drag and drop entire scenes and switch them all around to create your unique story. All these scenes contain the popular animated elements often needed for explainer videos such as money, website browsers, wallets, gift boxes, responsive devices and so on.

I’m planning to add more characters and scenes over time so this pack will grow in value but remain at the same price.


  • 35 scenes
  • Character creator (a multitude of combinations possible)
  • Colorful color customizer
  • 1920×1080 FULL HD
  • Video tutorials included
  • After Effects CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 (Universalized Expressions)
  • Sound effects included
  • Enable/disable the texture with one click.
  • Instant Character Outfits
  • IK Rigged Character with which you can create your own animations with.
  • The ability to build your own video from scratch (A video tutorial will show you how)
  • Includes 2 scripts files for easy color and character customization control panels
  • No plugins required


The fonts that are used are all free for download. Links are to be found inside the project.

Novecento Wide

Bebas Neue


Britannic Bold

American Typewriter


Music Tracks

The music is not included within the project but can be bought separately from our dear friends at AudioJungle. In order of appearance:

Bottle Jam

Getting The Job Done

Another Happy End

Sound effects
All the sound effects are public domain and are included within the project file.


Character Design by

The placeholder video footage is not included and is licensed under the Creative Commons Atrribution 3.0 License:

BBVA – Yerno

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Characters that can be instantly used by the click of a button are: indian, police officer, fireman / fire-fighter, nun, modern priest, teacher / professor, builder / carpenter, doctor, farmer, chef, superhero, postman, mailman, santa and zombie. Or you can use the character creator to create your unique looking character.


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