Dubstep Drift



DRIFTER (VIDEOHIVE) by Bboykoma Elite author
A great template using Dubstep Drift. Please check it out!


Hi! Before entering into the details, please check out my most up to date dubstep composition too:


Okay, thanks! Let’s get back to Dubstep Drift:
100% pure energy with an epic bridge. Ideal for any high-tech videos, technical sport scenes, or for short ultra-modern, very energetic spots.


The song starts with a little heart-beating effect before it blasts into the high-energy. Then comes a groovy part with much, much dubstep-like effects, wobbles and rattles.
The epic part is optional with its cinematic-orchestral theme which ends in the same energetic dubstep feeling.
At the very end, there is a short, also ultra-modern logo reveal sound.

Includes 4 versions:

  • Full version: 2:03
  • Drifter version: 1:09
  • Version without the epic bridge: 1:40
  • The shortest version, no bridge, no repeats: 0:34

Drifter is a great VideoHive template made by Bboykoma


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