Element 3D 2016 Apple MacBook Pro



2016 MacBook Pro


  • 13” MacBook Pro with traditional function keys
  • 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
  • 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
  • Space Grey and Silver Colors
  • .obj/.e3d/.blend
  • HD .psd and .jpg textures
  • UV Layouts

How To Install:

  1. Extract the 2016 MacBook Pro.zip file
  2. Create a new composition in After Effects
  3. Create a new solid and add the Video Copilot > Element effect
  4. Click “Scene Setup” in the Effect Controls panel
  5. Click “Import” and locate the E3D folder inside the 2016 MacBook Pro folder you extracted earlier
  6. Choose the model you wish to import
  7. Click the “File” button INSIDE Element3D and click “Relink Scene Files”
  8. Click “Select Folder” and locate the 2016 MacBook Pro folder
  9. Make sure the Search Depth is at least 5
  10. Click “Relink” and the model and all the textures should appear
  11. Enjoy the model!

Sketchfab Preview

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