High Detail Soda Glass with VRay Materials



High Poly Soda Glass object including VRay materials and a simple 3DSMax/VRay render setup.

VRay materials are already applied in the render setup but also saved as a seperate 3DSMax material library for use in your other projects.

This object comes with the following materials:

Basic Glass
Basic Water (SSS)
Milk (SSS)
Tropical Fruit Juice (SSS)

(More liquid materials are also available in my Vray SSS Liquid Material Presets pack).

The included objects are the soda glass itself and a seperate object to fit inside it for the liquid. All objects have been modelled with turbosmooth in mind and appropriate support edges for this, and in the render setup file there is already a turbosmooth applied to the glass.

The liquid object is set up to fill the glass and has a slice modifier applied in its stack – select and drag the slice plane to alter how full the glass is (applies only to 3dsmax render setup version).

The object is also supplied in .3ds and .obj format for you to use in other 3D applications as required.


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