iPhone 5



Logo on the back and screen on the front are easily replaceable with any image.

This is a very accurate model of the iPhone 5. All parts of this model have been modelled separately to achieve as much realism as possible e.g. both cameras have been modelled to make it look real and not just placed an image as a texture. Furthermore each and every detail of the real product has been noticed and has been turned over into the real model e.g. the center metal part has been assigned the porous and matte metal material whereas its edges have been assigned a shiny material which makes it so photorealistic.
The formats included in this package are:
.c4d; .3ds; .obj;

This model is compatible with Element 3D as well.

However note that only the geometry gets exported to other 3D Softwares. You might have to assign the materials to the respective parts on your own.

Also a basic scene setup is included in this package as well, letting you render the model instantly and achieve the render quality and scene setup shown in the preview images.

If you have some questions regarding this product feel free to contact me. You will definitely enjoy this model!


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