Low Poly Micro Pig Melvin



This is Melvin, a low poly micro pig! He is fully rigged and has a bunch of basic animations. You can put him in the turret of the micro tank or use it for what ever else you please. Melvin loves publicity and dreams about being a great game star one day.


  • frame 1: bind pose
  • frame 10-49: idle
  • frame 60-75: ATTACK!!
  • frame 80-109: gethit
  • frame 120-149: victory

For more information on how the rig is built and to get a better feel for the model, have a look at this screen cast. Keep in mind though that this was taken in Maya and Maya has sorting problems when it comes to alpha channels so the clipping you see in the Maya view port does not happen in game engines.

As a side note I should add that Blender users will not get access to the rig nor the animation when buying this model until Blender has an .fbx importer.

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