Modular Dungeon Set| Large Wall 01 Pack (05 of 20)



Large Wall 01 Pack

This is one pack in a set of 20 for the Modular Dungeon Set. (Also has an All-in-One Pack if you plan on buying them all)

This Large Wall 01 Pack comes with a high quality lowpoly model and hand painted textures to get you rolling in the right direction to building a creepy, dark, damp, lowpoly, dungeon level like in Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series. With this pack and a few others you can reuse them over and over to create a multiple unique levels as each piece is tileable to another.

Each model is built on a grid system to ensure that they seamlessly snap to one another as well.

Normal maps were cast from highpoly models and the textures were hand painted to get a nice blend between games like World of Warcraft and realistic pc and console games. Textures were painted at a higher resolution than most games to give you the ability to choose how close to the 3d assets you will get in game. You can down res them as necessary.

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