Photoreal Wine Bottles



This file contains two wine bottles, a red wine and a white wine, as well as a studio setup for photorealistic rendering in Cycles. Both models have identical geometry but different materials and texture maps.

The bottles are UV-unwrapped and the package contains individual texture-layers (colour and displacement) as well as the Photoshop-File used to create and export the individual layers. The fonts used in the wine labels are also included.

The whole scene is set up to allow very fast mapping of designs to the bottles and create renders quickly.

When working with Blender the original file allows immediate photorealistic rendering with Cycles.

The OBJ version can be used in other 3D-packages where the UV-mapping allows direct application of new designs to the bottles.

A personal note:
Modelling wine bottles, what could be easier, right? It turns out things are not as simple once you get into the details. The first hurdle was getting the refraction and reflection right. Wine bottles aren’t 100% smooth, the glass and the wine have distinct colours and they are not filled to the brim. If you look closely (in the gallery) you can make out the subtleties. Then there are the small details like the mysterious information on the bottom of the bottles and the seal above the label. These are clear cases for displacement-mapping, but it has to be smoothed out nicely to give it that glassy quality. You will find a nice filter for that effect in the included Photoshop file. And last but not least come the labels. Labelling wine is an art in itself and I took the time and researched it a bit to create at least somewhat realistic fake labels. All in all I am pretty happy how these wine bottles turned out and with 4k Textures and silky-smooth geometry these babies should look nice even at high resolutions. I can’t wait to create the second pair in this series (bottles with long necks).


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