Photorealistic Empty Jar with Lid and Lab



This is an accurate modeled jar, with lid and label. All 3 objects are in 2 versions, low poly and hi res. The high res jar has 2.5 milions poly. this pack contains:
Modo LXO file with 3 separate low meshes. (Jar, Lid, Label)
3 OJB files (low res)
3 OBJ files (high res)
1 ztl file, with 3 subtools and all levels.
1 Maxwellrender ready scene pack
1 hi res render frontal close up camera 2000×3000 px
2 low res renders 800×1200 px
3 hdri light sets, hi res 10.000×5000 px
objects are uvmaped, and the pack contains a texture folder


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