Photoshop Text Effect: Cinematic 3D Actions



This is a four step sequential action set to generate 3D text effect and apply bending, shadows and textures on it. This huge 3D generator for text elements is able to create 48 combinations of extremely realistic 3D text effects. The pack comes with four action sets and three bonus texture images (4000×4000). Each action set contains three or more actions except the last one (Step 4). So, if you combine them you get total 48 effects. Create awesome 3D effects just in a few clicks.

This action pack is for creating 3D text effect only. All background images used in the preview are not part of this action pack and have been used separately from other sources.

You will get all layers separately with appropriate labels so that you can work on them further. Also you can easily change default gray background by replacing it with any custom background image.

Watch Video

Click the image below for HD demonstration of making of the “CRUSHER” 3D text in the preview image:

Photoshop Text Effect: Cinematic 3D Actions - 1


Topmost preview image background source: Fran.
All other preview image background source: :

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