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Take the 5 pushup for challenges, the internet’s newest craze! Get in better shape, have lots of fun doing it!

-Build a Great Chest & Strong Arms.
-Train from 5 to more than 100 pushups in 10 weeks.

The app’s audio coach guides you on how many pushups to do, when to rest, and when to resume.
The app keeps you motivated which is the key to success. and the true magic of the app: you will earn health and wealth because of somebody says : ‘Health is Wealth.’


Step Guid :-
– Set step day by day +1 automatically. If you want to increase more about your strength. In this feature you can make limited push ups as well as setup in counter.

Make Many Step As I Can :-
– If you want to i don’t needs any guid for limited count then you can do that by swipe left side on count setup. In this feature you can make unlimited push ups.

History :-
– In this feature you can see your push ups history from local database.

Share Score :-
– When you done your work out and when you pressed back button then you can see your scoreboard this score you can share other wise save into your gallery for compare in future score.

Here you can see video:-


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