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With this application you can scan QR code, barcode and many other format codes and create qr code. You can save or directly share the codes you have created. User-specific personal settings are found and save these settings. Other code is very fast from browser applications. It has a simple design. Firebase has the ability to send notification messages. The app is integrated into the admob advertising network. This way, you can also get income after receiving this project.

It is also possible to buy at a discounted price with PayPal. ($ 12) Please contact with PayPal to purchase.


This project allows you to make your own mobile app. No programming knowledge required. It has a document that has clear and easy instructions. You can create your own application in 15 minutes. It’s easier than you think.

QR Code Barcode Scanner Generator - 1

QR Code Barcode Scanner Generator - 2

QR Code Barcode Scanner Generator - 3

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