Real Dice



Fully details poly modeled for HyperNURBS of a dice model with correctly orientated dots and perfect replica. 8 type of color shaders and scene setup include in C4D.

What you get in C4D file:

  • Contain entire scene setup include shader, lighting and render setting.
  • Self painted fake royalty free HDRI. You are allowed to use the fake HDRI any where you like include personal or commercial.
  • 8 type of colors to choose from. Ready to use.
  • Object is named and placed in HyperNURBS.
  • Just hit render and you will get about the same image result with the preview showing.

What you get in OBJ and FBX file:

  • Contain low poly mesh with named objects and ready to be smoothed.
  • No shader or scene setup.

Replicate modeled to the real life dice.
Intended for high-res renders and prints.
By using this Dice you are sure to please your client with a high quality accurate close-up shot.


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