Realistic Pill Bottles Including Lightbox Setup



This is a 3d Studio Max 2012 scene with A&D material’s as well as a sample flattened label (for size comparison) that will allow you to add your own label onto the pill bottle’s and go.

The scene includes all of the pill’s and bottles (even the glass of water) included in the preview, including the lightbox setup which is Mental Ray with Photometric Lights and a curved white backdrop for a quality product shot render.

A short and simple video tutorial is included that goes over how to replace the label with one of your own, and a sample PSD is included (not layered) that will show you how the size is setup. Feel free to increase the DPI of the label to 300 for high quality rendering.

Rendering times differ depending on the clear or the plain white plastic, clear bottle and pill’s take longer to render and are a little harsher in render times, but come out looking great.

OBJ and .MAX files are included of the pill’s and bottle. Scene was created using Autodesk 3d Studio Max 2012.


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