Save The Dot – Arcade Game Template (Android + AdMob)



Save The Dot

Save the Dot is a fun Arcade game template that has never been there neither on the Play Store, nor on CodeCanyon. It is an easy looking game but if you want to beat the highest scores, you will have to be very fast and tap very precisely!

It can be played not only by adults, but it will also fit very well on a kids phone!

It is easy to customize and easy to add features and is ready for you to put into the Play Store!
No coding skills are needed, only change the color and the name and you’re ready to make money with your own game for everyone.

AdMob banner is included.

How to Play

  • Just simply tap somewhere on the screen and the violet Dot will follow you.
  • Escape the other small enemies and gain points by time.

Updates and Preview

Updates are coming regularly adding features and new game modes.
Here is a download link for the demo available in the PlayStore.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!


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