Slot Machine Sound Pack



Slot Machine Sounds Pack by Sound Design Experts is the Ultimate slot machine sound kit. This sound pack has all the basic slot machine sounds that you need to make a simple game, and the best part is.. it’s a small package so it has a very small footprint (1.4m wav 344kb mp3). This is especially good in when working in iOS, Android, or any other mobile platform. All loops work flawlessly, as this was designed for games.

  1. Pull Slot: 0:01
  2. Spin Loop: 0:01
  3. Stop: 0:01
  4. Win Loop: 0:01
  5. Win Loop End Sound: 0:01


Make sure all files always play back-to-back flawlessly (like a playlist), any gaps from one file to the next will create undesired pops. Keep in mind meta data is encoded at the beginning of mp3s, this can leave gaps when trying to loop. Wav files (that are included) are the best route to go in most cases, as they are uncompressed data. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’re not programmers but we’ve made a lot of games!


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