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You want to create a new and cool social network which is almost like facebook with his features? Don’t worry anymore, our team of 4 persons is always glad to update iBook and to work on with it. We’ve implemented very much unique features which other social networks on codecanyon haven’t got!

Annoyed by boring installations? We’ve got a simple auto installer!

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Never ever again work with thousands of documentations, we’ve worked on a auto installation script which installs iBook with only one simple step: Import your SQL informations, your social name and also your administrator account, that’s it! iBook will generate all the SQL-Tables itself and install it by itself \)” title=” :)” />! Never ever get annoyed again by boring configurations which mostly are very hard to understand, our’s is very simple!

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We provide a very nice responsive design and also a very modern and cool admin panel with a lot of unique features which let you modify your social network as you whish!

Updatelist – 29.04.2014 17.39 last changes

  • Modified the landing page (added a worldmap and 6 random members with a profile picture as minimum and direct linking to their profiles (guest view))
  • Cover images will now always be centered instead of zoomed. That means, only the middle content of your oversized image will be displayed as coverimage

Updatelist – 28.04.2014 18:39 last changes

  • Fixed on profile.php the friends. Now it will display only max. 6 friends, the other friends can be seen on the modal if you click on the count of the friends
  • Fixed the slashes-bug with apostrophes
  • Removed the hover effect for the posting method, now you have to click on it to toggle the posting-form
  • Auto verification completed. After the registration you’ll receive a email with a verification link, if you click on it, you’ll get redirected back to the social network and your account will get verificated.
  • Improved the interface GUI (smoother design now)
  • Added a button over the friends-panel to display all friends
  • Added a cursor for the share-panel
  • Fixed a bug when typing nothing into the searchbox (searched all users)
  • Added automatical youtube embedding converter (converts your link into a embedded youtube html video)
  • Added email activations to get a verified users
  • Removed the metro tiles in profile and changed them into responsive bootstrap buttongroups
  • Restyled the commenting input bux. The button is now appended to the input! (looks fine!)
  • Now you’re able to post multple-line posts
  • Removed a SQL Vulnerability in the profile
  • Added image preview. If you share an image and click on it, it will be displayed in a big modal now!
  • RTL supported now
  • Added the online/offline support. Now you’re able to see other friends which are online or offline.
  • Added a modal to see all online friends!
  • Added the online-icons to some forms! Like posting, messaging, profile etc.!
  • Added a event which sets the user automatical to offline when he leaves the social network or closes his browser.
  • Added a function which turns the online status to true when logged in or visited a site on the social network.
  • Now you can’t see notifications if you like, comment or do something on your own posts! (It was really annoying)

Socialbook - The premium social network platform - 4

  • Friendsystem
    • You’re able to:
      • Add friends to your friendlist after they’ve accepted you,
      • Decline new friendrequests or ignore them!
  • Strong posting privacy
    • Posting-privacy everyone
      • Everyone of your friends is able to see the post which you’ve made in your profile, relative that he is your friend or not!
    • Posting-privacy friends
      • If you select the privacy friends while posting, it will be only visible for all your friends. It requires that they’re in your friendlist and that you’ve accepted them!
    • Posting-privacy nobody
      • Only you’re able to see your post which you’ve made! No-one else is able to see this post!
  • Maintenance modus
    • Something broke up in your social network and you won’t that other members can access or see the bugs? Don’t worry! You can turn on the maintenance modus in the admin panel! And the nice thing on it is, only administrative peoples have got the rights to sign in while maintenance!
  • Responsive layouts
    • Don’t ever worry again about broken designs at phones or tablets! We’ve tested our social network for full responsive layouts on our devices and everything worked like a charm! Our social network also our unique admin panel is responsive! Try it out yourself \)” title=” :)” />
  • Bootstrap
    • It’s very easy to work on the template, on the grid system or the sizes, because we’re using bootstrap! It’s very modern and you can modify, add or remove elements very simple with a big documentation at!
  • Instant messaging
    • You’re able to chat with other users like in facebook! And if someone is nerving you, you’re able to stop accepting private messages from other users, so that only your friends can chat with you!
  • Activitystream
    • Follow all activities from your friends! What they’re sharing, posting or marking with likes in our cool activitystream at the timeline!
  • Smilies system
    • Adding smilies is now so simple! Our big admin panel provides a smilies-system which allows you to add or remove existing smilies!
  • PERFECT: Admin-panel
    • Our admin panel is almost the coolest, modernest and best adminpanel for a social network out here on codecanyon! We provide you a very modern overview of our admin-gui, very much functions and control-features and also a responsive design! Try it yourself out, you will wonder!  :)
  • Soundcloud and Spotify posting
    • There is a nice sound on the web at soundcloud or spotify? So just let the community know! Post your Spotify-TrackURL or Soundcloud-URL in our posting forms and let others listen to them.
  • Search for other members at our searchlist
    • You want to find someone? Just type his username, almost right as you know it at our searchlist, and we’ll collect all matches for you!
  • Posting of statusses
    • Posting a normal status
      • You want so share something simple without any specials? Just share a normal status! Of course you’re able to append a posting-privacy like for every other post!
    • Posting a soundcloud- or spotify-link!
      • What about sharing a music with a preview and listen-button? Just share some music links! Of course you’re able to append a posting-privacy like for every other post!
    • Posting a location
      • Where are you right now and what text do you want to append to the location? The cool thing is: We’ll import automatically a google-maps image of your current location! So other’s can see where you are \)” title=” :)” /> Of course you’re able to append a posting-privacy like for every other post!
    • Posting an image
      • Do you want to share a simple image? Well, it’s possible of course with a modern preview of your image at the timeline! So just upload an image and let others like them!  :D
  • Likelist – See everyone who has liked your status
    • Just click on the amount of likes to open a modal which shows you all the likes which have been made on this post! This is cool, or isn’t it?
  • Hashtags
    • Almost like in every othe social network: Just #share #a #hashtag #with #a # #before #it! ;)
  • Share posts!
    • Now you’re able to share posts too! They’ll be automatically visible for friends only after they’ve been shared once!
  • Report a post
    • Something is against the rules? Just report the post to an admin! He will receive a report-line at the admin panel where he is able to control the post!
  • Theme system
    • You’ve got a theme? Just name your .css file to bootstrap-xxx.css where xxx is your color. Per example: bootstrap-red.css. Import it to /assets/css/ and at the admin panel it will be automatically detected and able to selected! We’ve made some examples: bootstrap-blue.css, bootstrap-red.css and bootstrap-green.css! As standard is BLUE selected!
  • Edit your profile
    • You want to change something at your interval or sound-settings? Just move to edit.php where you’re able to change your profile. Of course there is a link to it at our timeline! And what if you want to change only some profile informations? Just move to the profile and look at the personal informations box where a small pencil-icon is shown, if you click on it, it will display a cool modern and will let you modify them.
  • Comment profile pictures
    • You’ve uploaded a new profile picture? Well, let’s see whats the opinion of other members! They’re all able to comment your profile-picture!
  • Modify your profile or cover image without leaving your profile!
    • Do you want to change your profile or cover image? Just click on the “Edit Images” button in your profile which will open a cool modal where you’re able to change your images! + Works on mobiles fine!
  • Delete comments
    • You’ve got the full power! Delete all comments, posts which have been made on your timeline or on your posts from others or yourself! You can also delete your own comments on other posts!
  • Multilanguage system
    • It’s soooooo simple to add new dictionarie-entrys to your language system! We’ve made some examples like and lang.en.php which allow german visitors to display all in german and english visitors to display all in english! It will automatically detect your language from your browser! Add per example for Spanish languages and translate all key-values to spanish and it will auto-detect spanish peoples and translate it to spanish!  :D
    • As a long hacker and security expert I’ve protected every single attack in our social network. So feel sure, you can’t get attacked! \)” title=” :)” />
    • You’re able to set a interval for notifications and to turn on/off the sound function which always will pop-up a notification-sound for each new notification! Also the notifications will be shown like in facebook, when somebody likes something, it will popup a notification on the right side in the orange color. When someone messages to you something it will be displayed on the left side!
    • When you get a friendrequest it will ask you to accept or deny it, you’re also able to just ignore it!
    • index.php (Dashboard)
      • See the latest messages, likes (24 hours), users and entries. Also you’ve got a entire view of the latest 5 entries in each category. Perfect control!
    • privatemessages.php
      • Follow the latest private messages which have been made
    • conversation.php
      • Follow the conversation which have been made from a single member (lookup his messages)
    • keyword.php
      • Search messages which contain a specific keyword
    • userlist.php
      • See the entire list of all users which have registered ordered descending, you can also manage them by a direct-link
    • edituser.php
      • Edit users which have been registered, change their names, profile information and settings. You can also ban or unban some members! Deleting profile picture or the cover image is also possible.
    • timelinelist.php
      • Follow the latest timeline entries which have been made ordered descending
    • edittimeline.php
      • Manage the timeline entries, change all contents and save them. You can also delete them!
    • settings.php
      • Change the social network name and the 1 character shortcut for the logo
    • advertisement.php
      • Change the advertisement placement on the social network.
    • maintenance.php
      • Change your maintenance status. You can turn it on or off.
    • themes.php
      • Change the themes of your social network.
    • modifysmilies.php
      • Add a new smilie or remove existing smilies
    • reports.php
      • Modify the reports which have been made by other members.


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