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Touch Gestures 4K features 26 premium quality hand and finger gestures. A flexible 4K overlay product designed to keep the focus on your content – not the gestures displaying it.

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This is by far the best hand gesture project on the hive… Skin color is perfect, didn’t have to color correct, or anything. Highly recommend.
– kevinanson

Hi Thomas, I bought the file and I just want to say THANKS for the really great file and DOUBLE THANKS for the brilliant tutorials! Nice one fella!
– Maya X

Absolutely amazing work… Great quality, actual movies and not just picture bending/warping and very very helpful tutorials. And the flexibility is awesome. Thank you so much & keep up the good work.
– nineLemon

I mean, wow, what an introduction to AE. I literally opened and used the program for the first time 5 days ago and with Thomas’ template and excellent customer support, I have already created an amazing clip that has impressed everyone who’s viewed it.
– VMozzer

Touch Gestures 4K

Created for professionals, Touch Gestures 4K allows maximum control for your video or still images while displaying apps, software or devices. Not only shot in 4K (4096×2160), but also at 60 fps, giving you the ultimate control over the speed of your gestures.

Touch Gestures 4K has been tested and working in After Effects CS5.5, CS6, CC+ (Including CC2020).


We put the work in so you don’t have to – the download features 26 keyed, keyframed and color corrected hand and finger gestures in Quicktime PNG+ format. We also added Motion Blur to the gestures to give the results a realistic edge while in motion.

Touch Gestures 4K also features 28 HD gestures, so you’ll have access to all the original files as well as the new 4K options.

4K Gestures Included

  • 1 Finger Tap, Double Tap, Tap Hold, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • 2 Finger Tap, Double Tap, Tap Hold, Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • 3 Finger Tap, Double Tap, Tap Hold, Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • 4 Finger Tap, Double Tap, Tap Hold, Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • Hand Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Pinch Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Swipe Up, Swipe Down

HD Gestures Included

  • 1 Finger Tap, Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • 2 Finger Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • 3 Finger Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • 4 Finger Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Swipe Left and Swipe Right
  • Pinch Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Place (2 Versions)
  • Grab (2 Versions)
  • Pull (3 Versions)
  • Side Flick Left, Side Flick Right

If you’re not an After Effects pro, we’ve got you covered. Touch Gestures 4K includes detailed video tutorials that walk you through every step of the editing process.

Don’t have After Effects? Touch Gestures 4K will work with any video editing software, you’ll just have to manually keyframe the elements the gestures interact with.


Download full resolution examples of 4 Finger tap and Pinch Zoom.

Touch Gestures 4K - 6

Touch Gestures 4K - 7

Touch Gestures 4K - 8

Update History

07/24/2017 – Version 2.1

- UPDATE: Minor bug fixes
- UPDATE: Removed support for CS5

11/3/2015 – Version 2.0

- NEW FEATURE: 26 4K Gestures

- UPDATE: New Devices – All Vector Format
- UPDATE: Name change from "Touch Gestures HD" to "Touch Gestures 4K" 
- UPDATE: New tutorials
- UPDATE: New preview video

7/21/2015 – Version 1.1

- UPDATE: Marketing Update
- UPDATE: Universalized Expressions via ExpressionUniversalizer 2.0

2/25/2013 – Version 1.0

Version 1.0
- initial release

Demo Credit

Acoustic Indie Folk by JohnRosso



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