True Fun Maker



  • Music Kit available for this track HERE!
  • Description:

    Fast, funky and groovy funny music with flute playing the main melody and brass / horns section stabs and hits. It is very energetic track with a lots of drum breaks, retro sounding piano and organs. Turntable / dj scratches was added to add to this catchy tune even more humor and agility.
    Really could be useful in so many applications and different media projects, such as TV advertising / commercials and TV show opener, birthday celebration, mobile games, animations, sitcom etc.


    Two versions included:
    00:00 – 02:28 – Full Mix ( duration is 2:28 )
    02:28 – 04:43 – Reduced Mix ( without scratches and drum breaks – duration is 2:22 )

    True Fun Maker - 1 True Fun Maker - 2 True Fun Maker - 3 True Fun Maker - 4

    Youtube usages:

    True Fun Maker - 5


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