Vector Lower Thirds


Vector Lower Thirds - 1 VECTOR Lower Thirds, is a stylish FullHD animated lower 3rds package.

It contains 3 different styles of beautiful vector style banners, ideal to present your titles texts (& logo) in music videos, tv shows, corporate business presentations etc.

All files have embedded alpha channel masks and are approximately 8 seconds in duration.

Depending on your graphics or compositing application, you can flip them, change their color, or their duration. Add your text or videos in your desired editing software. Ideal for Video Production, After effects, Avid, Premiere pro, Vegas, Edius, Fusion, Final-cut, Fcpx & more NLE editors.

Find out more details on the support section!

The original file does not contain any backdrops, music, logo or text overlays.
Vector Lower Thirds - 2
Vector Lower Thirds - 3
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Vector Lower Thirds - 5
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Vector Lower Thirds - 6 Vector Lower Thirds - 7

Vector Lower Thirds - 8


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