YouTube Video Details Class



Documentation / Example codes

YouTube Video Details Class is a class to get YouTube video information.

It’s easy to use and gives you all information you need.

Supported data:

  • Video title
  • Video author
  • Video description
  • Video duration
  • Video views
  • Amount of likes
  • Amount of dislikes
  • Video publish date
  • Video category
  • Video link (like
  • Video thumbnail (Thumbnail link)
  • Embed code


1.0 – 2013/04/13

  • First release

1.1 – 2015/05/15

  • Code has been updated for compatibility with YouTube API V3
  • API Key requirement since YouTube’s V3 API requires this. (An API Key is free)
  • New function: get_like_count();
  • New function: get_dislike_count();
  • Deprecated function: get_rating();
  • Deprecated function: get_amount_raters();


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